New Line Artists is an entertainment company with over 15 years of experience. New Line Artists team commitment is to create opportunities and careers for young aspiring artists.  Our goal at New Line Artists is to Develop, Package & Market aspiring talent to Talent Agents, Talent Managers and Casting Directors and put you in the best position to receive representation!

New Line Artists is the bridge between young aspiring talent and their future success. You will train with a working industry professional to be marketed, interviewed, and audition in front of a panel of Hollywood Agents & Managers who are eager to discover the next big start.

At New Line Artists we seek to empower aspiring actors, models, singers, dancers. Whether you are just beginning your acting journey or are a seasoned pro, we are here to support your artistry in a safe, inspiring environment. We will provide you with the specific tools you need to build a strong artistic foundation, introduce you to industry professionals (Agents, Managers, Casting directors , Acting coach as well as the practical knowledge needed to healthily navigate and succeed in this business. No matter what point you are at, we are here to help you cultivate your passion, find your inner power and soar.

Breaking into the business isn’t easy, and it can be confusing knowing the right path. It’s often true that who you know plays a big part in your success. You could be the most talented person, but only by getting in front of the right people at the right time will opportunities happen! At New Line Artists provides you with those opportunities you’ll have the chance to perform in front of and meet with the who’s who of the industry.

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New Line Artists programs are for educational purposes only.

The presence of agents or managers is neither a guarantee nor promise of employment.

New Line Artists is not offering employment, a job opportunity or an audition.

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