The New Line Artists is the bridge between young aspiring talent and their future success.  You will train with a working actor for 4 workshops to audition in front of a panel of Hollywood Agents & Managers who are eager to discover the next big start.  Our goal at New Line Artists is to Develop, Package & Market you to these top Hollywood Agents and put you in the best position to get representation!  No experience is necessary, just serious determination and a great desire to work in the industry.  If accepted, this is your chance to break into the industry right now!  Many spend thousands of dollars traveling to L.A. without any connections or guidance, wasting valuable time and money.  We bring the training and opportunity to you!  Program is available to those selected and is not open to the public.

New Line Artists programs are for educational purposes only.

The presence of agents or managers is neither a guarantee nor promise of employment.

New Line Artists is not offering employment, a job opportunity or an audition.

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